The most important part of any Hawks program is safety. Our highest priority is to offer a safe environment for players to enjoy the sport that we love. One of the biggest safety concerns in youth sports today is concussion prevention and management.  

To ensure we are doing everything we can to address this concern, the Hawks have partnered with Achieve Orthopedic Sports Institute ( ) to provide FREE and MANDATORY baseline concussion testing to our members. Achieve is a proven leader in the field of orthopedics and concussion management. They provide services to several area soccer and football teams, gymnasts, and NHL players.

The baseline test administered by Achieve is the ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) test. This nationally recognized test assesses a player’s decision-making ability, reaction time, verbal and visual memory and processing speed while healthy. In the event that the player suffers a head injury, the ImPACT test provides qualified medical providers the information necessary to determine the degree to which a player has been affected by an injury and the level of function that must be met before he/she returns to activity.

We understand that undergoing baseline testing before tryouts will inconvenience some members. Nevertheless, I strongly encourage you make every effort to fulfill this requirement as soon as possible. This test will not prevent a concussion; but in the unfortunate event that your child suffers a head injury, it will be the best tool you have to make sure your son or daughter fully recovers before he or she resumes activity.

If none of the times listed in SignUp Genius work for your schedule, please contact Kayla at

(630)320-6970 or to schedule your baseline concussion test.


How do I sign up for the free baseline test?

Register for tryouts. At the end of the tryout registration module, there will be a link to sign up for testing with Achieve through Sign-Up Genius. Tryout registration will be available the first week in June. 


How long is the ImPACT test?

The test will take approximately 30 minutes (11 & Under approx 15min).

What if my player took the ImPACT test at another facility last year?

Best practices require athletes to re-take a baseline test every year. If you have an ImPACT test on file with another facility that was taken on or after 3/30/23 , we will accept the results of that test. However, we strongly recommend that you consider retaking the test at Achieve for consistency of administration.  

Where is Achieve located?

Achieve is located at 6300 Kingery Highway, Suite 204, in Willowbrook (in the Whole Foods plaza), about 1.5 miles from the Darien Sportsplex.

What if I take the ImPACT test and do not ultimately participate in a Hawks program?

If for some reason you sign up for tryouts, take a baseline test, and then decide not to participate in a Hawks or Phantoms fall program, you will still be able to get a copy of your test results for future use. There is no downside to completing a baseline test. 


Will ImPACT baseline testing replace the King-Devick remove-from-play test?

No. The purpose of the King-Devick test is to guide removal-from-play decisions. It is used to determine if a player who is not demonstrating other concussion symptoms should be removed from play until evaluated by a medical professional.


What else can I expect from the Hawks’ partnership with Achieve?

Achieve will provide education and training to coaches and parents on many different sports-related injuries and issues throughout the season. We are happy to be able to provide an injury resource for all members who require one during the season.


All sports and free play are associated with risk for a concussion, including playing, officiating or participating in ice hockey. It is important that all participants and parents learn about concussion prevention, recognition, treatment and return to play.

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury-or TBI- caused by a bump or blow to the head or by a hit to the body that causes the head and brain to move quickly back and forth. Bouncing or twisting of the brain in the skull can cause chemical changes and sometimes stretching of the brain cells. A concussion disrupts the way the brain normally works. Most concussions are mild, but all concussions should be taken seriously because permanent brain damage and death can occur from another injury.

A concussion may be difficult to recognize. A player does not have to be "knocked-out" to have a concussion- less than 10% of players actually lose consciousness. Signs and symptoms may show up right after the injury or can take hours or days to fully appear. If a person reports one or more symptoms or demonstrates any signs of concussion after a blow to the head or body, s/he should be kept out of practice, play or training immediately and referred to a healthcare professional with experience in concussion management.

A concussed brain needs time to heal and the person is much more likely to have another concussion if they return to soon. Repeat concussions are usually more severe and take longer to heal. Return to play is allowed only after the individual is without symptoms, has progressed through the concussion protocol and is cleared by the health care professional.

USA Hockey provides all participants with information and educational materials about concussions, including the risk of sustaining a concussion, how to minimize these risks, concussion signs and symptoms, and USA Hockey's program for returning to play following a concussion.USA Hockey's Concussion Management Program can be found on the USA Hockey website at:


Any player, who in the opinion of a coach, athletic trainer, or physician exhibits any signs, symptoms, or behavior consistent with a concussion (such as loss of consciousness, headache, dizziness, confusion, or balance problems) shall be immediately removed from play and practice.

The player may not return to play and/or practice until they are cleared to return to by a health care professional who is a board certified Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician.

Such clearance must be in writing and signed by the physician via the Chicago Hawks Hockey Club / USA Hockey Return to Play (RTP) Form.


Questions: Please contact Steve Poapst, Hockey Director at

Questions: Contact Pat Tagler, Vice President at

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